5 Things You'll Love About Working with a Tax Resolution Firm



Millions of people each year struggle to pay what they owe to the IRS. Estimates say that at least one person out of six in the U.S. either owe the IRS money or are facing other tax crises like failing to file tax returns. When you count yourself as one of these statistics, you can deal with your IRS tax issues and enjoy the numerous benefits that come with hiring a tax professional to help you.


Mediation with the IRS

One of the greatest advantages that taxpayers enjoy by hiring tax pros to help them with tax issues comes with having someone mediate for and represent them in all IRS proceedings. Your tax professional has the experience and competence to handle matters like:

  • Making phone calls and answering letters from the IRS
  • Gathering and submitting required paperwork during the proceedings
  • Filing past due tax returns
  • Making sure your rights are protected and observed
  • Speaking on your behalf during hearings and audits

The idea of going up against an IRS agent or auditor can be galling for any ordinary taxpayer. You do not have to deal with the IRS yourself but instead can get confident and experienced representation when you hire an IRS tax professional to help you.

Avoiding Garnishments and Levies

The IRS wields an impressive amount of power in its ability to lay claim to your money and assets. It does not have to get a court order to garnish or levy your income and property. It can also seize more than what is normally allowed by most states during an ordinary garnishment or levy case.

You may avoid having your income and assets taken from you to settle your tax debt when you hire a tax professional. Your tax pro may be able to work out a payment arrangement, prove your financial hardship, or propose other ways to settle your account. 

Eliminating Penalties and Interest

The tax debt you owe to the IRS may be compounded by interest and penalties that you may not be able to afford to pay. A tax professional can negotiate on your behalf and, using the current tax code to your advantage, have these penalties and interest wiped off of your debt. You may end up owing just the principle amount when the negotiations are finished.

Settling Your Tax Debt for Less

Tax professionals are trained to know the current year's tax code and what loopholes exist to minimize a taxpayer's IRS debt. When you owe hundreds or thousands of dollars, you may want to reduce that debt as much as you can. 

Your tax pro will know what legal loopholes to use to reduce your tax debt and save you a lot of money that you otherwise might have had to sacrifice to settle the account. The tax professional might make an Offer in Compromise, or OIC, on your behalf or otherwise negotiate to settle the debt for a lot less than what you actually owe.

Reclaiming Your Life

Each letter from the IRS you receive in the mail reminds you of a huge financial burden that you think you cannot escape. Every day might be filled with worry about what you can do to pay off the IRS and get on with your life.

Rather than spend hours and days worrying, you can reclaim your peace of mind by retaining the services of a qualified tax professional. Your tax pro will take over your IRS matter so you can focus on enjoying your life again.

Tax professionals today are trained and ready to assist taxpayers with their IRS debts. They offer numerous benefits to people who may believe that they cannot pay off what they owe or escape their tax debt without having their wages garnished and assets seized. They allow people to enjoy peace of mind while effectively handling their IRS tax obligations.

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