Fighting the IRS: Defending Yourself vs. Professional Representation



No news is generally deemed as good news when it comes to how the IRS does business. When it notifies you that you owe back taxes, however, you may have no idea how or when to respond.

Moreover, you may be unaware that approaching the IRS alone may not be in your best interest. Rather than face this large government organization on your own, you will fare better and have a better chance of successfully resolving your matter by letting a team of tax professionals assist you.

Learning What the IRS Wants

When you get a letter from the IRS in the mail or get one served on you by the sheriff's office, your first reaction may be one of panic and fear. As soon as you open the letter, you likewise may have no idea what this agency wants with you.

Rather than trying to decipher the complicated legalese in the letter on your own, you can get a better understanding by letting your tax professionals read and explain it to you.Sometimes the language in the letters can be intimidating and confusing. Your team can simplify it for you and make the language seem less intimidating

Reviewing IRS Communications

The people who work for this agency are human and prone to mistakes like anyone else. It is possible that they made a mistake when reviewing your return or overestimated what you actually owe.

With a team of tax pros by your side, you can be assured that the letters will be thoroughly scrutinized to make sure the details are factual and accurate. This protection ensures that you avoid paying too much or settling for whatever terms the IRS proposes to close your case.

Responding on Time

As the saying goes, time is money, especially when dealing with the IRS. The sooner you respond to its letters, the fewer penalties you will incur.

Many people make the mistake of believing that the whole debacle will go away if they just ignore the IRS' attempts to reach them. Even if you are afraid and unsure of the situation, you should respond in a timely manner. Your team will make sure you answer the letters before it is too late to negotiate or avoid severe penalties.

Negotiating and Settling

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of having tax professionals by your side comes when they are able to negotiate and settle on your behalf. When you face the IRS alone, you may not know what options are available to you to put your case to rest. Your tax pros know the law and the process needed to resolve the situation quickly.

Some of the strategies they may use to negotiate with the IRS include:

  • Filing an appeal of the owed amount or the terms of the obligation
  • Filing an extension
  • Setting up a payment arrangement that you can afford
  • Making sure collective actions are taken within the statute of limitations
  • Getting bank levies and wage garnishments released while the case is being appealed

These strategies and several more are all available to you when dealing with the IRS. When you go it alone, you may be too intimidated or simply not knowledgeable enough to know which of these options will work best for you. Tax professionals can assess your case individually and recommend the best course of action to get your case settled and closed quickly.

When you get a letter from the IRS, you may be tempted to acquiesce out of fear, shame, and ignorance. Rather than fighting this organization on your own, you will be more successful and confident by allowing a team of tax professionals to assist you throughout the appeals, negotiation, or settlement process.

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