Keep the IRS from Taking Your Paycheck: Guide to Wage Garnishment and How to Stop It

This guide is all about IRS tax wage garnishment. You will learn what a wage garnishment actually means and get answers to questions such as:

  • What are your taxpayer rights?
  • How much can the IRS take?
  • How can you prevent wage garnishment?
  • How can you stop wage garnishment?

You will also find out details about the wage garnishment process and where you can get help.

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Don't Panic: Your Complete Guide to Understanding IRS Audit Letters

This handy guide is full of lots of useful information about IRS audit notices, including:

  • Definitions of IRS audit notices and letters
  • Tips on how to respond to IRS letters
  • Tips on minimizing audit liability

You will also find details on the meaning of the most common letters and tips on how to fight back.

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Help! I Got a Letter from the IRS! Common IRS Tax Collection Notices Simplified and Explained

This 12-page eBook is chock-full of valuable information about IRS collection notices, including:

  • Why, when, and how the IRS sends collection notices
  • How the collection process works
  • How to interpret collection notices

Understand the meaning behind the most common IRS collection letters, and learn how you can respond.

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Get the Credit You Deserve: The Complete Guide to IRS Tax Credits

This guide will help you claim all of the tax credits that you could be. Learn about the tax breaks that could be saving you money like:

  • Child and dependent care
  • Undergraduate education
  • Retirement savings contribution

You'll also find lots of opportunities for big savings on less common expenses.

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The Ultimate List of Tax Deductions

Our FREE 18 page eBook will help you understand the complicated subject of tax deductions. You will learn about the more common expenses, including:

  • Mortgage interest payments
  • Charitable donations
  • Medical expenses

Plus, more specialized and obscure deductions.

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A Comprehensive Guide to the IRS Collection Process

This 18-page eBook will teach you everything that you need to know about the IRS collection process, including:

  • What triggers the IRS collection process
  • What methods the IRS uses to collect
  • The penalties for failing to pay taxes owed

If you are dealing with any IRS tax problems, this guide is must-read.


What Happens If I Haven't Filed Taxes in Years?

This eBook will walk you through how to get settled with the IRS. You'll learn:

  • How to find out how much debt you owe
  • Possible penalties you might face
  • How to reconcile missing tax returns
  • Options for paying off your debt

If it's been a while since you've paid your taxes, this guide will help you get back on track.

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Tax Law Changes and COVID-19 Relief

This free eBook will explain everything you need to know about tax law changes passed for Coronavirus relief and how they might affect you, including:

  • Tax bracket changes
  • Self-employed sick leave
  • Retirement fund contribution limits

If you're worried about paying your tax debt during the pandemic, download this eBook to see where you can save.

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A Complete Guide to the IRS Audit Process

Our 10-page guide will inform you about everything there is to know about the IRS audit process, including:

  • The different types of IRS audits
  • How the IRS chooses which returns to audit
  • Important tips to surviving an audit

If you have been contacted by the IRS or want to reduce your chances for an investigation, this eBook is for you.



Download Our Free Case Study Today

Jim and Amanda Newman were overwhelmed by the IRS filing process, so they delayed filing their tax returns. The IRS hit them with a $23,886 penalty in back taxes.

  • Eliminate penalties on the taxes they owed
  • Develop a payment program for the balance due
  • Determine what documents were required to reduce future tax costs

Download our exclusive case study to learn the exact steps that helped reduce the Newman's $23,886 penalty to a manageable amount.

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