New Ebook: Settling With the IRS When You Haven't Filed Taxes in Years


settle with irs not filed taxes in years

If you haven’t filed your income taxes for a while, you are probably wondering what to do now. Should you continue your habitual non-tax filing behavior? Or should you throw yourself on the mercy of the IRS?

Actually, we don't recommend either. There are several options available for anyone who has years of tax debt to pay off. Our new ebook, What Happens If I Haven't Filed Taxes in Years?, overviews each option in order to help you choose what's best for your situation. 

Though there are penalties for not filing or paying taxes, continuing to ignore the issue and not file or pay your taxes will only get you in deeper. No matter your financial situation, there are repayment options available to you.

Top Tax Defenders' new ebook defines tax jargon like “tax lien” and “tax levy” and describes all the various ways you can make good with Uncle Sam without breaking a sweat. We also provide a list of documentation you’ll need and some of the penalties you may face. 

You have more options than you think. Download your free copy of What Happens If I Haven’t Filed Taxes in Years? and find out what you can do to get yourself on the right path.

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