Four Tax Relief Success Stories


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Dealing with the IRS can be a hassle for which you do not have the time or patience. You may have no idea what it wants from you or how you can resolve your tax situation to the IRS’s satisfaction. Rather than struggle with tax debt and other IRS challenges, you could get them resolved quickly by hiring an experienced tax attorney today. 


How a Tax Attorney Can Help 

If you have never before used the services of a tax attorney, you may have no idea how one can help you with your tax situation. In fact, these specialized lawyers help everyday people like you with a variety of tax situations. They have the expertise to assist in matters like: 

  • Filing current and past due tax returns
  • Interpreting and dealing with IRS notices
  • Acting as intermediaries with the IRS
  • Representing clients in IRS tax court
  • Advising clients on settling or paying their tax debts

By knowing what services a tax attorney provides, you may feel more confident about hiring one to help you with your tax situation today. 

Filing Tax Returns 

A tax attorney can be a valuable ally in getting your tax returns filed on time each year. If you are self-employed, run a business, or have a tax situation that goes beyond filing a simple return, you may want a tax attorney to file your taxes on your behalf. A tax attorney can also: 

  • Identify what exemptions you are entitled to
  • File necessary documentation with your return
  • Decide if you should itemize your deductions
  • Know what tax codes to use for filing your return

With a tax attorney’s help, your return could be processed quickly, allowing you to get any refund you are owed faster. 

Dealing with IRS Notices 

When you get an IRS notice in the mail, your first inclination might be to panic or worry you are being audited. In fact, the IRS contacts taxpayers by mail for a variety of reasons. A tax attorney can read your notice and tell you exactly what the IRS wants from you to resolve your tax situation. 

The letter could be to notify you about an audit. However, it also may simply ask you for proof of exemptions you claimed like the identities and Social Security numbers of children you listed on your return. 

You also may need to clarify some information on your return like any deductions you took. Rather than panic or throw away the letter, you can give it to your tax attorney for a clear explanation of what the IRS wants from you. 

Acting as Your Intermediary 

Getting a live IRS agent on the phone to talk to can be difficult or impossible. You may have to wait on hold for hours before your call is taken. If you try to communicate with the IRS through the mail, it can take weeks or months to get back a reply. 

Rather than try to communicate with the IRS alone about your tax matter, you can have your tax attorney act as your intermediary. Your attorney will know the IRS’ direct numbers and addresses with which to communicate with the IRS. 

Your situation will be addressed faster so you know how to settle your tax situation satisfactorily when you allow your tax attorney to act on your behalf. You also may avoid fines and penalties that can accrue because of delayed communications with the IRS. 

Representation in Tax Court 

When you are being audited or summoned to IRS tax court, you have the right to have a tax attorney represent you. An experienced tax attorney can argue your case and present information and evidence that could exonerate you from fines, penalties, and other punishments. 

Your attorney can likewise argue down any charges against you and could possibly convince the IRS to dismiss your tax obligation entirely. Presenting a convincing and honest argument in IRS tax court can be challenging if you do not know the tax codes. Your tax attorney can represent you in IRS tax court and make sure your case is dealt with fairly. 


Advising on Best Outcomes for Outstanding Balances 

When you owe an outstanding balance to the IRS, you need to know how to settle it quickly. Depending on your tax situation, your tax attorney may advise you to resolve your tax debt by: 

  • Making a lump sum payment 
  • Asking for an installment agreement
  • Making an Offer in Compromise
  • Asking for Currently Not Collectible status

These options allow you to pay off what you owe, settle the debt for a lesser amount, or put off having the debt collected on until you make more money. Your tax attorney will advise you on the best option for you after reviewing your debt and your financial situation. 

Examples of Tax Success Stories 

You may be more convinced to hire us at Top Tax Defenders to help you after learning about some of our tax success stories. 

Robert and Sonny 

Robert and Sonny are a couple who have been together for 16 years. During that time, they accrued a tax debt totaling over $35,000. 

Because they are private people, they did not feel at first they could ask anyone for help. After hearing an advertisement for Top Tax Defenders, they made the phone call and got fast help for their tax debt. We got them relief from IRS collection efforts against them. 


Roger put off filing taxes because he thought the IRS owed him money every year. He began getting certified letters from the IRS in the mail, which he ignored. He eventually sought help from Top Tax Defenders, which helped him resolve his tax debt quickly. 

Roger B. 

Roger B. got in trouble with the IRS and accrued a tax debt he didn't know how to pay. We helped him come up with a solution for paying it off quickly. He has continued to use the services we offer at Top Tax Defenders for the past nine years. He says he cannot ask for better services from our company. 

Robert M. 

Robert M. began receiving notices from the IRS about his tax debt, but he was too busy to deal with them right away. He also thought dealing with the IRS alone was too scary.

After hearing an advertisement for Top Tax Defenders, he made the phone call to ask for help. We took care of 100 percent of his tax situation. He got fast relief from IRS collections.

These tax success stories may convince you to give us a call at Top Tax Defenders. One of our skilled tax attorneys can provide important services for dealing with any tax situation. You can resolve your debt and avoid further IRS collection activities by hiring a tax attorney with us at Top Tax Defenders to help you today.

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