Client satisfaction is important to any reputable business. Companies that cannot maintain happy customers are unlikely to thrive in competitive industries. Since there are hundreds of outfits that claim to offer tax resolution services to individual taxpayers and business owners, tax relief organizations that wish to survive must pay close attention to traditional metrics of customer satisfaction. The rate at which customers lodge complaints about the quality and timeliness of the service that they receive is a particularly important barometer.

One Complaint Is Too Many

At Top Tax Defenders, we regularly solicit feedback about our services and are serious about looking for ways to improve the quality of our offerings. Moreover, we give every customer complaint the attention that it deserves. While the vast majority of the feedback that we receive is positive, we aim to do everything in our power to achieve a 100 percent customer satisfaction rate. Since every case is different, we cannot unequivocally guarantee positive results for our customers. However, the protocols that we have developed to govern every step of the tax relief process allow us to approach our lofty goal. When we receive a legitimate complaint, it undermines our customers' trust and encourages us to redouble our efforts.

Not All Complaints Are Equal

Although we take all complaints seriously, it is important to note that some disagreements carry more weight than others. As we note on our Ripoff Reports and Negative Reviews page, it is often difficult to differentiate between genuine customer complaints and anonymous internet reviews that aim to undermine our credibility. Accordingly, we rigorously fact-check each complaint or negative review and adhere to stringent quality-control procedures. Once we determine that a complaint has merit, we address it directly and make internal adjustments to ensure that it does not arise again.

An Impressive Track Record

Successful companies cannot avoid the occasional customer complaint. For potential customers who wish to evaluate the merit of such complaints and determine whether a company will make good on its promises, past results make all the difference. At Top Tax Defenders, we know that our tax relief experience speaks for itself. Even as we strive to provide excellent service and eliminate complaints about our services, we are happy to point to our consistent track record as evidence that we provide dependable, honest tax relief.

A Solid Team Makes the Difference

Our dedicated team of tax relief professionals deserves much of the credit for our ongoing success. Each team member feels a personal stake in the success of the business and maintains an unshakable commitment to customer satisfaction. Simply put, our clients work with tax relief specialists who deliver results at every step of the process.

Top Tax Defenders works tirelessly to serve taxpayers who struggle with IRS back tax issues. We operate in an honest, transparent manner that respects the ethical conventions of our industry as well as the privacy and financial security of our clients. For more information about our track record as a company, please view our Tax Relief Success Rate page.

To learn more about our services or talk directly with a trained customer service representative, please complete our online contact form or call 1-866-866-1555.


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