Top Tax Defenders is proud to operate in a transparent, forthright manner. While the feedback that we receive from our customers is overwhelmingly positive, we appreciate the opportunity to address concerns about our service and regularly solicit suggestions for improvement. Since we could not operate without the continued support of our clients, we make every effort to address complaints that come our way.

Total Client Satisfaction Is Our Goal

From time to time, Top Tax Defenders receives feedback customers who feel that we could improve certain aspects of our service. We are dedicated to resolving each of these complaints promptly and completely. While it might be unrealistic to expect a company that has satisfactorily resolved thousands of tax issues to have perfect track record with its customers, we are serious about hewing as close as possible to this ideal.

Negative Internet Reviews

However, TTD also receives anonymous complaints and negative reviews on industry-specific opinion forums and open-to-the-public consumer advocacy sites like Ripoff Reports. By nature, these complaints are hard to trace and impossible to verify. While some less judicious forums and consumer-advocacy sites accept reviews with minimal verification, including those that have clearly been written by paid commenters, more reputable outfits often make a good-faith effort to "clean" their sites of dubious reviews.

Prospective clients who wish to judge the quality and dependability of our services would be far better served by reviewing feedback from reputable sources and examining our overwhelmingly positive customer-satisfaction metrics. Our track record speaks for itself: Top Tax Defenders has nearly 30 years of tax resolution experience and employs industry experts who understand every aspect and angle of this complicated business. The "Proven Methods" and "Results" sections of our website provide greater detail on our successful tactics and consistently replicated achievements.

Top Tax Defenders Attracts High-Profile Endorsements

In addition to reviews from customers, we are fortunate to garner endorsements from several high-profile media sources. The TTD team is grateful for the devotion and continuous support of our radio partners, namely Matt Patrick and Michael Berry of and Michael Garfield of 950 KPRC AM.

These radio personalities have wide-reaching audiences that number in the tens of thousands. They handpick the organizations they recommend only after performing extensive research. Their advocacy of Top Tax Defenders is a testament to the honest, consistent tax solutions that we offer to our clients.

Tax Resolution Scams Abound

Of course, there is a reason for the existence of so many tax resolution forums and consumer-advocacy sites: Tax resolution firms often make outrageous claims that are impossible to make good on. Unlike firms that promise unrealistic results on impossibly quick timetables, we are careful to provide each of our clients with measured guidance that has a firm basis in our past performance. We never seek to take advantage of our clients' legitimate anxiety about IRS audits and collections or compel our customers to pay for services that they do not need.

For more information about common tax resolution scams and other underhanded business practices, please refer to our "Tax Scams" page.


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